Futuristic: Energizing Others with Vision

A CliftonStrengths Theme Spotlight

"People exceptionally talented in the Futuristic theme are inspired by the future and what could be. They energize others with their visions of the future." -The Gallup Organization

The Talents of People High in Futuristic

People with the Futuristic talent theme are fascinated with tomorrow. They are forecasters who are typically creative and expressive about their visions of the future. They're often very positive about what the future will bring, both for themselves and for their organizations. They are called visionaries, dreamers, even prophetic at times because of their passionate perspectives on what's ahead and what could be true of the future.

Simply stated, they are people who love to think about the future and talk about the future. They're not content with the status quo or with dreaming small dreams. They know that the possibilities of the future are worth exploring and that, together, we can create something profound and meaningful if we try.

When working with and leading others, the person high in Futuristic can be a constant source of inspiration and vision. While others might become overwhelmed when asked to do long-term strategic planning or vision-casting work, the person high in Futuristic comes alive with creativity and imaginative anticipation.

One leader we know told us about how she actually plans time to exercise her Futuristic theme:

"Being a manager means I'm often having to react to what's happening around me instead of getting to be proactive or visionary about where we're headed. I've learned that I have to actually schedule time on my calendar for thinking and dreaming and planning. Since I've started doing that, it's given me the energy I was missing before."

The Temptations for People High in Futuristic

Because people high in Futuristic are always thinking about what's next, they can struggle to stay in the present or adjust to the needs of the moment. In fact, their focus on the future can keep them from paying attention to their own day-to-day needs or the immediate needs of others. I've known several people high in Futuristic who lament that they struggle to identify practical action steps for today that will help them achieve their future goals.

Because of this, others can sometimes perceive them as "daydreamers" who struggle to accept things as they are in reality. At times their optimism about where they are headed clouds their judgment and they can make ill-informed decisions as a result. Their ideas for the future might also be too idealistic or not pragmatic enough and this can put stress on them and those they work with if they don't learn to communicate well about their future-orientation.

Finally, people high in Futuristic often report feeling a sense of discontent about the present because the visions they have of the future are incredibly vivid and real to them. They can forget to celebrate their successes or take time to reflect on where they've been.

I have a friend with Futuristic who said it this way:

"I can always sense the distance between where I am today and where I know we're going to be in the future. That perceived distance sometimes brings tension to my personal and professional life because I struggle to enjoy the present enough or just let it be what it is for now."

In the Future....

Here are a couple of quick ideas to get you thinking about how to leverage and self-regulate if you've got a dominant Futuristic theme:

  1. Look for opportunities to help others identify their long-term goals, both in their personal and professional lives. When others struggle to strategize or set goals, your creativity and imagination will inspire them to dream big.

  2. Consider partnering with others who are high in Executing themes such as Achiever, Responsibility, or Focus. These individuals will help you make your dreams tangible through practical action.

  3. When leading a team or working with others, make sure you communicate about your Futuristic theme. And don't forget to celebrate the present and enjoy the journey with your team. Take time to slow down every now and then and take note of where you've been and what you've achieved thus far.

At ROI Talent Development, we try to help people fall in love with every single talent theme, even if it isn't dominant in their own theme sequence. Because when we all take the time to understand and appreciate one another, we build happy and healthy workplaces where employee talents are valued and developed.

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