Consistency: Ensuring Fairness for All

A CliftonStrengths Theme Spotlight

"People exceptionally talented in the Consistency theme are keenly aware of the need to treat people the same. They crave stable routines and clear rules and procedures that everyone can follow." -The Gallup Organization

The Talents of People High in Consistency

People high in Consistency are passionate about establishing and enforcing rules, policies and procedures that ensure all people are treated equally. They are more likely to think about group needs as opposed to individual wants and their presence in teams and organizations promotes cultural predictability as a result. They thrive in environments with clear expectations and established routines.

Those high in this Executing theme value justice and equality and typically become frustrated when people are given an unfair advantage or when they receive preferential treatment because of their status or connections. Instead, people with Consistency see themselves as "levelers" in an organization. It doesn't matter if you're the CEO or a seasonal employee, the person high in Consistency will expect you to adhere to standard operating procedures.

And this is the real charm of people with Consistency. They are friends with everyone in an organization because they are unaffected by status and rank. Their practical, predictable and efficient approach is an overflow of their deeply held beliefs that all of us deserve to be treated with respect and that no one should be above the rules.

The Temptations for People High in Consistency

Because those high in Consistency value treating everyone the same, they can sometimes struggle to see how specific individuals or situations might warrant an exception to the rule. They are typically less willing to customize when it comes to people, which can leave others feeling unseen or unimportant. Their "by-the-book" approach can also result in others perceiving them as rigid, inflexible or too standardized. One leader with Consistency told us:

"If I'm not careful, I can make people feel like cogs in a machine, even though my intention is to make everyone feel important."

If they aren't intentional about communicating well, those high in Consistency will imply that rules are more important than people. This is a tragic misperception, because as the quote above notes, the person high in Consistency cares deeply about treating people with respect and equality.

Finally, those high in Consistency can also struggle through times of great transition or change because they thrive in predictable and stable environments - their practical bent means they love to establish routines and rhythms. When their routines are threatened, they can feel as though they are losing control, which can lead to conflict in their teams and organizations.

Be Consistent

Here are a couple of quick ideas to get you thinking about how to leverage and self-regulate if you've got a dominant Consistency theme:

  1. Look for opportunities to speak to how policies and procedures impact groups of people. Sometimes others do not have eyes to see that the playing field isn't level for all the players.

  2. Try partnering with people high in Relationship-Building themes such as Individualization or Developer. These people can help you see how specific individuals are impacted by the standard operating procedures or rules in your organization.

  3. When leading a team, be intentional to communicate about your Consistency theme. When discussing a rule or policy, remember to start with the "why" instead of jumping straight to the practical matter. When you emphasize your desire that everyone be treated fairly, others will come to respect and trust your decision-making.

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