ROI Talent Development exists to equip teams, leaders and educators with knowledge of their individual and collective strengths. We seek to empower individuals to work together meaningfully and productively.


  • Certified by the Gallup Organization in the CliftonStrengths Assessment

  • Current and Former Faculty Members in the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University

  • Hold Master of Arts degrees in Communication

  • Over 34 years of combined teaching experience

  • Over 18 years of combined management and training experience 



When I was 18 years old and a freshman at Texas Tech University, one of my professors required our class to take the CliftonStrengthsFinder Assessment. As I sat reading my customized Signature Theme Report, it was as if I finally had eyes to see the unique ways I could add value to the world. My ability to instinctively know how to create order and structure from chaos? That was my Discipline talent theme. My fascination with the unique personalities, quirks, and complexities of people? My Individualization talent theme. My sometimes annoying habit of making to-do lists on family vacations? Clearly my Achiever talent theme.


Discovering my talents and strengths changed the course of my personal and professional life. It gave me the confidence and freedom to pursue opportunities that would allow me to exercise and develop my natural patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior. For years, I've been a CliftonStrengths enthusiast, using the assessment in various management, educational, and industry contexts, with a dream of one day starting a company to help others experience that same realization I had when I was 18 years old. 


Today, I am a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach and hold a Master of Arts degree in Communication from Texas Tech University where I previously served as the Director of Public Speaking and an Instructor in the College of Media and Communication. With over 15 years of teaching and training experience in my background, I specialize in applied communication skills, public speaking, interpersonal and nonverbal communication, and instructional communication. Additionally, I have consulting experience in education, banking, church ministry, healthcare, and small business development. 

Using my educational and professional background as an anchor, and the CliftonStrengths assessment as a tool, I co-founded ROI Talent Development with one of my closest friends and colleagues, Joy O'Steen. Working with Joy is a testament to the power of strengths-based partnerships.

Helping people and organizations thrive and flourish is always my goal, and I am incredibly passionate about helping people discover and develop the unique talents, values, and strengths they bring to their relationships and workplaces. I look forward to working with you and your team. 







"You work harder than anyone else in the company, so I do not understand why your numbers are not higher?"


It was 2008, I was a publishing rep for a major textbook company and my regional sales manager was puzzled. I did not have an answer for her then. I was shocked too. I worked all the time (including Christmas Day) and I was miserable. I was doing everything I knew to do. I recognized my areas of weakness and tried to improve them. I was mentored by top sales reps in our company and replicated what they did. None of it worked. It was as if I was trying to write with my non-dominant hand. All day. Every day. And it was leaving me exhausted, frustrated, and hopeless.

Looking back, I can now see the problem clearly. I was working long hours and pouring every ounce of myself into my job, but I was not using any of my strengths. I could remember that it had not always been that way. Unbeknown to me, I had stumbled upon a job early in my career that utilized many of my talents, but I had failed to realize its potential as a career.

It all started when I graduated from Lubbock Christian University in 2002 with a B.A. in Business Communication, and began working on my M.A. in Communication Studies from Texas Tech. In graduate school, I was offered a position as a teaching assistant and I fell in love. There was something about the process of training and developing people that I adored, but I thought that to be successful I needed to work in the corporate world. So for several years I worked full time at a corporate job, and I taught part-time as an adjunct for LCU and Texas Tech.

So there I was in 2008. Desperate and ready for a change. Any change. The only answer I could come up with was to try and teach full-time. So I took a leap of faith and quit my sales job to pursue a career in academia.

At the time, changing my career was the best thing for me. Texas Tech University is a Strengths-based school, and teaching there gave me the opportunity to identify my own strengths and learn to leverage them. I also met LeAnne and we forged a powerful partnership, which made us both better at our jobs. It was not long before we were both directors of basic courses at Texas Tech.

I am currently the Director of the Business and Professional Communication at Texas Tech. As such, I work with a team of about 20 teaching assistants each semester. I train them and develop them, and one of my greatest joys is helping them find their own strengths. I do not want what happened to me, to happen to them. I realize now that if I had been taught to recognize my strengths while I was working in sales, I would not have felt the need to change careers. I could have leveraged my strengths to make that job work.

But I am thankful for my journey, because it has brought me to where I am today, the opportunity to create ROI with LeAnne and share my passion with others. I love helping others find their own strengths to employ in rectifying the situations that are leaving them disengaged. If that is you, I completely understand. I know what a struggle it can be when you are working as hard as you can, but are left feeling exhausted, frustrated, and hopeless- and I cannot wait to walk with you through this journey.


Lubbock, Texas, United States


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